Research shows that including images and videos in job adverts boosts candidate numbers and quality, with one statistic stating that candidates are 25% more likely to respond to an advert with images or video content.


The media rich advertising functionality puts you in control to add your own images and videos for all of your JTGO adverts.


This guide includes information on:


From the main menu, go to Settings, then Media Libraries (in the left-hand menu). 

The Media Library contains the options below and this is where new images, videos and text content are added.

To upload new content, select one of the options (image, video or text), then in the left-hand menu select Upload New Image / Video / Text:



Name your new image accordingly:

  • Description: this field is for internal use  
  • For candidates: this is the description candidates will see, so make it really clear

 Press Save.


Images should be uploaded in either a PNG or JPEG format and with either of the following dimensions:

250px x 250px
750px x 250px
1100px x 250px

Read our guide on how to resize images without distorting them.

Now it’s time to upload the image.

  • Choose the dimensions of the image – 750px x 250px, 250px x 250px or 1100px x 250px
  • Press Browse to find your image to upload
  • The image will be displayed on screen. Press Upload, then Save and Exit


Name your new video accordingly.

  • Description: this field is for internal use  
  • For candidates: this is the description candidates will see, so make it really clear

Videos used here must be stored on YouTube and be added using the video’s YouTube URL. Please see instructions below.



YouTube link:

In this case, you would insert BzZ-VXKoszI into the Video ID field.


If the 11 digits are between = and &:

In this case: you would insert hA46h6G71xo into the Video ID field.



When you’re happy with the description and the uploaded video, press Save then Exit. Preview the video afterwards by selecting Preview from the list of videos page:




This section is useful for commonly used wording. When you're crafting advert copy, you can simply select text content that’s saved in the media library.

  • Add a Description, then add the text into the content space below

Please remember to use the formatting tools above the text box (bullets, underline, bold etc).  When complete, select Save then Exit.



Read our how to add a job guide to find out how to use this media rich content in your job adverts.


  • Save the image you wish to use to your desktop
  • Right-click on the image file name and select Open with and choose Paint 3D
  • Select Canvas in the top menu

To ensure your image does not "stretch" or distort but still resizes the canvas to the correct dimensions, we've outlined some steps below on how best to resize the image to the correct dimensions.

  • Under Resize canvas and with ‘Lock aspect ratio’ and ‘Resize image with canvas’ boxes checked, change the Height to 250px which will now make your image smaller.
  • Then uncheck both ‘Lock aspect ratio’ and ‘Resize image with canvas’ and toggle on Transparent canvas (as below).
  • Change the Width to the dimensions you require - in this instance to 750px to create a 750px x 250px image.



This is the best way to get an image to sit within the correct pixel size and this is how the image will look on the website for your candidates:


  • The text library is designed for commonly used wording
  • Videos added here need to be YouTube videos. MP4 video files cannot be added
  • If you use a job template or copy a job that already includes media rich advert content, then the images/videos/text will also be visible in the new role.