A small number of pre-defined organisation departments have been added to your JTGO settings, but these can be easily renamed, or additional departments added as required.

What’s included in this guide:

Video guide:

To access General Settings, go to Settings > General Settings (in the left-hand menu).   Then select Departments.

  • List: displays all existing entries in this section
  • New: create a new entry
  • Remove: remove entries that are no longer required
  • Print: print a list of entries in this section
  • Export: export to Excel

Amending a Department Name

Click on a Department name to open the record.

Amend the Department name as required.  The Department head, Cost centre and Email fields are purely for information only and are optional.

Press Save to confirm your changes.

Adding a new Department

Select New Department.

Add the Department name. The Department head, cost centre and email fields are simply for information only and are optional. Press Save to confirm your changes.

Repeat this process until you've created all your departments.