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How do I advertise a job on social media?

JTGO includes three free social media 'RSS feeds'. When you add or edit a job, on the 'Post the Job' page, there are toggles to control which 'RSS feed' your job should appear on:



If toggled ‘on’ (green) the job will appear on the relevant RSS feed.


If you would then like your jobs to appear on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (or anywhere else!) you can connect these feeds to your personal or company social media accounts. We’ve outlined the setup instructions below on how to connect these RSS feeds to your social media accounts.

What is an RSS feed?

An RSS feed is a stream of data (in this case, your advertised jobs). By plugging the JTGO RSS feeds into your social media sites, you can display a summary of your advertised jobs on each of your social media pages.


Social media posts (or Tweets!) would appear on any connected social media pages as soon as a new job is advertised and provides a link for prospective candidates to apply for the job as advertised on your website.


Social media posting set up guide

What are my JTGO RSS feeds?

Your JTGO RSS feeds will begin with the same URL as your candidate site (the website where your jobs are advertised) e.g.


To get your own RSS feed addresses, just replace the highlighted section of the URL with your own JTGO candidate site URL:








How do I connect the RSS feed to my social media account?

We recommend using a social media management tool to connect RSS feeds to your social media accounts.

There are lots of social media management providers available (e.g. Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social etc.) however for the benefit of this guide, we are referring to a social posting service called which, as part of its basic plan, offers 10 postings per day free of charge, with higher posting allowances available for a fee. 

Tip: Jobs posted to social media sites via this method are shared as status posts or tweets rather than listed jobs. If you wish to post to LinkedIn and for the jobs to appear as job listings (whether that be free job posts or premium job slots) we recommend utilising our job board multi posting feature. More information about job board multi-posting is available here.

Note: There are alternative providers to to manage social media postings so you may wish to shop around. 

In the case of, or any other provider you choose to use, these are third parties and are in no way connected to JTGO or Jobtrain.  We cannot advise on, or be held responsible for, technical or commercial services provided by these third parties.

To connect the feed

Go to (you will need to create an account with to enable you to post).


Once your account is created, paste in the relevant social media RSS feed link (see 'What are my JTGO RSS feeds' above) under Add a Route > Choose Source: will search and check the feed.

  • Select Connect to connect the feed
  • Select Connect socials to choose which social media accounts to connect this feed to
  • Select Connect New and the icon of which social media site you wish to publish to. Please note there are two types of LinkedIn accounts – Personal or Company accounts
  • Add your login credentials for the chosen social media site
  • Select Start Posting
  • Select the Edit Output icon to adjust your settings, and choose what type of posting is required (Shared Link / Status Update) and choose if any prefix or suffix should be added to the post


LinkedIn posts require the user to manually refresh the feed every 60 days – see instructions below on how to do this.


Refreshing your LinkedIn feed

  • On the homepage of, click Socials button:

  • Select the LinkedIn feed. If it’s expired, this will be displayed:

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Click Reconnect now. The system will ask you to log back into the LinkedIn account set up in the feed. Once the details are added, select Allow Access.


The feed will now be reconnected. The alert will now show that you have 2 months until you need to reconnect the feed again.


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