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Assessment forms

Pre-assessment (killer) questions

It’s likely that as part of the shortlisting process of candidates, assessment forms and killer questions will be used. Pre-assessment forms precede the application form. They are designed to stop candidates who do not meet the essential criteria of the job from progressing to the application form stage.


The forms are designed to capture answers based on essential criteria and completion of them is mandatory. The questions should be created so answers are yes/no style answers to ensure there is a clear pass or fail.


We’ll cover first how to set these up and use them in your recruitment process. Some pre-assessment (‘killer questions’) may have already been created when your JTGO account was setup.


To create new pre-assessment forms: from the main menu, go to the Settings cog, then Assessment Forms in the left-hand column.


There are no limits on the number of forms that can be created and they can include different content for different purposes such as right to work & driving questions. Bespoke questions can also be created in the Question Bank, to be added to Assessment Forms. The Question Bank ensures these questions are saved for use across multiple forms.


Creating assessment forms

In Assessment Forms, press New Forms in the left-hand column. Add a form name, select pass marks (for scored assessments only), total score and instructions, then press Save.

N.B. The Form Type will automatically populate with Pre-Assessment Form (Killer Questions),


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A new section will now be displayed called Questions. This is where all the questions that candidates are required to answer are added.

Questions can be added to a form in two ways – create new questions in each assessment form or copy previously created questions from the Question Bank. The method for creating questions is the same for both options.

Tip: To avoid adding duplicate questions, we recommend searching the question bank before adding a new question.

The search bar on the page searches the question text to help you easily identify any existing questions. It’s also useful if you are updating any existing questions.  

Questions not created in the Question Bank won’t be saved to the Question Bank. So, for questions that will be used regularly, create them in the Question Bank first.

Adding a question

From the Questions tab, select New Question.

A new form will be displayed:

  • Question no: JTGO will automatically number your question in the order they're created, if they're being created from the assessment form itself. This number is the order the questions will be presented in.
  • Question type: for killer questions the question type must be 'Multi-Choice (One Answer)' or 'Multi-Choice (More than one answer)' question types.
  • Word limit: this can be left blank as it’s not applicable for killer questions.
  • Instruction: here you can add in guidance for candidates
  • Question Text: add in the question you are asking the candidate
  • Maximum points: add in the maximum points that can be achieved when this question is answered. This will always be for killer questions.
  • Possible correct answers: this will always be for killer questions.


Next you need to add in the option answers. To do so go to the Options tab.

  • Option Column = add the content for the answer option
  • Point = add in 1 against the correct answer. Incorrect answers can be left as 0
  • Correct order = here you can specify the order that the answers appear in
  • Correct = toggle this to green against the correct answer

You must provide a minimum of two options on this page and indicate at least one as the correct answer.


Validation checks have been implemented on this page. You won't be able to save your work unless you have included a minimum of two options. If any information is missing, you'll receive prompts indicating what needs to be added.

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Once complete, press Save.

Assessment form examples

Pre-assessment forms (‘killer questions’)

Yes/no job specific questions

  • Do you have a full UK driving licence? 
  • Do you have more than 3 points on your driving licence?  
  • Have you held your full driving licence for 3 or more years? 
  • Do you have a minimum of 6 months supervisory experience?
  • Do you have the Right to work in the UK (Asylum and Immigration Act 1996)?


  • Are you legally entitled to work in the UK?


Yes/no job specific questions – self de-selecting style

  • Our retail roles require selling and preparing food, long periods of standing and some lifting and carrying, as well as other tasks such as cleaning. Can you confirm that you are comfortable with these elements of the role? 
  • Our retail roles require working Sundays and bank holidays, as well as late hours as part of extended opening. Are you prepared to undertake these hours both generally and at short notice? 
  • Our care roles require some overnights with our clients. Are you prepared to work unsociable hours and/or overnight shifts?

Question Bank

Creating questions for the Question Bank

In Assessment Forms, go to the Questions Bank tile.

In the left-hand column, press New Questions then follow steps covered in adding a question.

Copying questions from the Question Bank

When all questions have been added to the Questions Bank, press Back in the left-hand column and go into Assessment Forms.

  • Create a new form as normal. Add a form name, pass marks (if required), total score and instructions. Then press Save.
  • In the Questions tab of the shortlisting form, press the Copy From Question Bank button. 
  • The list of questions stored in the Question Bank will be displayed. Select all questions to be added to this form, press Copy then exit the page.

The chosen questions will be saved on the Questions tab of the assessment form.

The order of these questions can be changed if required, by editing the questions, changing the question numbers, and pressing Save.

Editing an assessment form 

  1. Select the name of the shortlisting form. Make the required changes on the Details page of the form and press Save.
  2. To update the questions, select the Questions tab and select edit against the question to amend.  Make any necessary changes to the question, press Save and then Exit the page.
  3. To add new questions to the form, select either New Question (to create a new question for this form) or Copy from Question Bank (to add a question that is saved in the Question Bank).  Once added, press Save.