What's included in this guide


Press the JOBS button in the top menu.

In the left-hand menu, press Add a job.

Choose from up to three options to create a new job:

  1. Copy from a job template
  2. Copy from an existing job
  3. Create a new job

If you are logged in to JTGO as a Hiring Manager, you will only be able to add a new job by copying from a template.

Copy from a job template

In the search box, begin typing the name of the template to copy from, then follow the steps below on creating a new job.

Copy from an existing job

In the search box, begin typing the name of the template to copy from, then follow the steps below on creating a new job.

Create a new job

Press the button create new job.


When you’re creating a new job, the Details page will be blank.

If you are using a job template or copying from an existing job, several of these fields will already have information in them. Check any existing information and complete other information as required.

If you are creating a new job, complete all the required fields in red. The Job Reference will auto-create after saving this page. When all information has been added on the Details page, press Save & Continue to move to the next page.

A field named 'Recruiter' is available for use on the Job Details page that pulls through system users.



This can be activated by the Jobtrain Support team.


Within each system user profile, there is an additional toggle to determine if they are a Recruiter.   



If this is enabled, the system user will automatically be added to list of Recruiters on the Job Details page.


This field is available to add as a column on the List of Jobs page. This can also be activated by Jobtrain Support.


This field can also be filtered when using the Search Jobs functionality:


A screenshot of a search box

Description automatically generated

When all information has been added on the Details page, press Save & Continue to move to the next page.

A success message will briefly be displayed after pressing Save & Continue or Save & Close.


Here you can customise what the advert looks like when it’s displayed to candidates.

Add advert content

Text boxes

Type your content in the Text boxes or press the Add Text button to insert content that’s in the media library. Changes can be made using the text formatting tools at the top of the box, visible when you click in the text box. 

We always recommend copying any content into Notepad before placing it in JTGO. This makes sure no hidden formatting is added into your advert.

Images and videos

Add your own images and videos to adverts too from the media library. Press the Add Image or Add Video buttons and bring your advert to life!

Once you have pressed Add Image a pop up will open allowing you to select the image you wish to add from the Image Library.

Once you have pressed Add Video a pop up will open allowing you to select the video you wish to add from the Video Library.

Add new sections

To add a new text, image or video section choose from the dropdown menu at the top of the advert then press Add to add the section.

Any new sections will automatically add to the bottom of the advert. To change its position, drag and drop until it’s in a perfect place. 

When the advert is complete, you can check what it looks like by pressing the preview button at the bottom of the advert.

Social Media Attention Grabber

Include some attention-grabbing lines of text here to drive candidates’ interest in the job. This will be displayed on job adverts shared to social media. 

Note: There’ s a character limit of 250 characters in this section.

Supporting documents

To include supporting documents within your job advert for candidates to have access to such as job descriptions, person specifications, interview formats, etc – these can be included here. 

Add documents from the document library or add new documents from your PC – new documents will automatically save in the document library.

Once you have selected a document to attach to the advert you will be able to see this listed in the Attached Document section. 

You can use the eye icon to preview the document, this is useful if attaching documents from the document library and you are unsure as to which one to use. 

Press Save and continue to progress to the next page. 


Assign the application form, as well as attach any required assessment or screening forms here. 

Application Form 

Choose an application form from the list available.


There are a number of optional extras to choose from here: 

Do you want to add a pre-assessment form / killer questions?

These are questions are designed to highlight candidates who do not meet the essential criteria of the job. The questions appear at the very start of the application after the candidate has registered their details.

If candidates’ fail these questions they will be presented with a message onscreen to advise they have not met the essential criteria for the role. Toggle this option on to add a pre-assessment form, then select the questions from the list available.

Change Acknowledgement Email 

Here, choose if you wish to change the default emails and email settings for this specific role. It’s useful to think about updating this section if the job requires a different kind of communication, such as for apprenticeship roles.

To use this section, toggle on the button to green.

This will automatically display the standard acknowledgement email. If you wish for the normal acknowledgment email to be sent you do not need to make any changes to this section.


This section allows the job creator to add additional details for the recruitment authorisation process. When the job authorisation process is started, a copy of this approval form is sent to the designated job approvers as an email attachment.


Some of the details on this page have already been completed for you - this is information from the Details page you completed earlier. 

Add in any additional comments in the comments box, the name of the leaver (if this new job is to replace a person who has or is going to be leaving your organisation) and if the role is in budget.

Job Approval Workflow

In the search field, search for a Job Approval Workflow from the workflows available to you and select. If you make a mistake here and choose an incorrect Job Approval Workflow, press Reset Approval and add a different Job Approval Workflow.

After selection, the screen will refresh, and the page expands below and additional information is visible – Approval Attachment and Mandatory Sign Off (the names of the job approvers).

Add any required supporting documents in the Approval Attachment section. What’s added here will be sent to the list of approvers in Mandatory Sign Off. Documents can be added from your PC or from what is stored in your JTGO document library. 

Press the Upload a document button to add a document from your PC.

Uploading a new document from your PC will automatically add it to your JTGO document library. We recommend always checking the document library first before uploading a new document, to reduce the risk of adding duplicate records in the document library.


All successfully added documents will be displayed in the Attached document(s) box.

There are then 2 options: 

Save and Start Approval: This will start the job approval process straight away and a message onscreen will advise the approval process has successfully started. To move onto the next page of the add a job process, press Save & Continue.

Save & Continue: This will progress you to the next page of the add a job process but will not start the approval process at this stage. It can be started later on in the process by pressing Save on the Post the Job page.


Define who in your organisation should have access to this job here and therefore any subsequent applications received for this job. You can add in any number of internal JTGO system users here.


This is the final step of creating a job. It’s here where the job approval process can be started, enable job alerts and advertise the job on your organisation’s social media feeds. 

Job Status: this is the status this job is currently at. Such as “Waiting for Approval” or “On Hold”.


To start the job approval process for the job to be made live:

  1. The job status will be set to Waiting for Approval until it has been approved. 
  2. Press Save to trigger the email to the first approver (if you chose not to start the approval process on the Approval section). The message below will be displayed onscreen to advise the job has been saved and the email to the first approver has been sent.


When the job has been approved 

When the approval process is complete, the job status will automatically update to Approved. Go back in to edit the job and navigate to the Post the Job section to make the job live using the steps below.

  • Job Status: from the dropdown, select Live. 
  • Make Advert Live: toggle this button to green.
  • Advert Live Date: from the calendar, choose a date when the advert should be visible and live for candidates on your candidate site. 
  • Duration: choose a set number of days the advert should be live. Or choose a close date in the next option (details below) 
  • Advert Close: choose a close date from the calendar. 
  • Enable job alerts: toggle this to green to send job alerts to candidates who match the search criteria for this job.


Where to Advertise 

This indicates the role is advertised on company website, if this is green this means the job is live on your candidate site.

External Free Advertising

This indicates which free job boards the job is being advertised on.

Posting to social media

To post this job to your organisation’s social media feeds, toggle on against your chosen platform(s).

Paid Advertising

Toggle on any paid job boards you wish to use and click Advert Post Settings next to the relevant job board to finalise posting the job to these boards. 

There are additional user guides which cover how to use these features, please visit the support hub here to access these or follow the links below. 

Posting to reed.co.uk 
Posting to Totaljobs 
Multi-posting your jobs to multiple job sites

Press Save to post your job and make it live.


The Jobs dashboard displays all live and current vacancies that you have been granted access to.

The Jobs dashboard includes several columns that give an insight into each job’s details and also the total number of applications. From this page you can:

  • Add or edit a job
  • Access all applications to a job

Don’t worry if you don’t see your job listed on this page. This page is designed to show jobs that are Live or going through the approval process.

To search for jobs at any other status, go to the Search page and select Search Jobs. Here, you can search all jobs in the system using a variety of search criteria.

For example, if you start adding a job but don’t complete the add a job process (such as sending the job for approval or making the job live), then you will be able to find this using the Search jobs function.