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Adding /Amending Authorisation Users


Go to Settings > Authorisation Users. 
Select New User in the left-hand menu or select an existing user’s name to open and edit their record.

A new window will appear. Add all required information and press Save.

  • First and last name: these fields are required. For ease when finding corresponding records, try to use the same details that were used when creating the system user
  • System user: approval user profiles are linked to the corresponding system user by selecting the system user from this look-up field
  • Email: enter the email address of the approver – this is a mandatory field
  • Job Title: this is not a required field but can be used to capture this data if required
  • Department: this is not a required field but can be helpful when creating approval templates


If you update a system user's email address and they are also an authorisation user, you will need to update in here too.

Deleting a User

Deleting a user will remove them from the system. To remove a user, simply check the box next to their name and select Remove from the left-hand menu.