This guide shows you how to embed tags within your online advertising so that you can track and report on where candidates have applied from. 


Please note this activity is not required for jobs posted via Job Board Marketplace, or Reed or Totaljobs if integrated into your Jobtrain platform. They will automatically add tags and provide reports.

Basic Source Tracking

The core element of the tag is like this:



You can then add any word (no spaces or symbols) to define which advertising it refers to. For example, you could create this for Totaljobs:



Why not try…

There are no limits to how many tags you can create or the name of the source. You could even create 3 different codes relating to different areas in one job board.

For example:
- &source=cvlibrarybanner
- &source=cvlibraryadvert
- &source=cvlibraryfeaturedemployer

When you’ve decided on your tag, you will need to add it to the end of the JTGO job URL. 


Finding the Job URL 

Candidate Portal

This can be found on the candidate portal by clicking on the relevant job to view the advert details as highlighted below:


A screenshot of a web page

Description automatically generated with medium confidence


Client Side

It can also be found on the client side by clicking Save & Preview on the Advert tab within the job.

A screenshot of a web page

Description automatically generated with medium confidence


Add the Source tracking code to the URL, then copy the link into your online job posting.


Example URL

An example of what a URL with a tag included looks like:


How are candidate applications tracked?

Candidates who click the link will be directed to JTGO in the normal way, but it will be automatically tagged with the source tracking code, which can be reported on to show data on:

  • Number of candidates by source
  • Incomplete/complete applications by source
  • Successful candidates’ source

This analysis is useful in understanding ROI and to help target future recruitment campaigns appropriately.


Still have questions?


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